November 30th, 2020

Oilfield Mechanic

Whether you are drilling oils or producing gas, our company has a lot to offer. We have competent technicians who can handle significant work. We have been operating in this field over the years. Besides, we focus on delivering the best services to our clients. If you are in any oilfields, consider our help whenever you have the challenge to tackle. Here are the things worth understanding about our oilfield mechanic services. Highly certified and skilled artisans provide our services….

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October 27th, 2020

Oilfield Supplies

The oil and gas industries require a consistent supply of resources. To be successful with your run in the oil and gas industry, you need the most reliable supplier of oilfield supplies. This will ensure that the projects you engage in never stop anywhere along the way to completion. The materials and accessories you acquire should be standard. When used in production, they must yield the optimum amount of results. Optimum yields are only acquired when the whole procedure is done well, with…

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September 30th, 2020

If your company is heavily involved in the petroleum industry, you’ll likely want to make sure that all of your heavy machinery continues to stay in great shape throughout the year. At Cook’s Engine Service and Supply, we ensure that all of your bases are covered. We love what we do and enjoy providing expert service to our valued customers. We are truly an oilfield supplier you can trust. We can provide component parts for engines that have been begun to degrade just a little bit. In fact,…

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August 26th, 2020

If you’re in the refinery business and need to make sure that your machines remain in excellent shape throughout the year, you’ll want a professional to help with maintenance and repair work. If you happen to be searching for oilfield mechanics near me in Odessa, we can help. We’ll ensure that your tools and equipment are expertly maintained so that your projects can continue to move forward without a hitch. At Cook’s Engine Service, our professionals have been highly trained in the field….

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August 5th, 2020

The gas and oil industry uses specific tools and applications which have to work efficiently so that production goes as planned. It is for this reason that oilfield maintenance in Odessa is essential. The process will ensure the machinery has a longer lifespan. It will also prevent future repairs ensuring that the equipment is always available to function. There are various maintenance techniques we do. The article will highlight some of them. Oil analysis confirms the level of contamination…

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