Discover An Odessa TX Oilfield Equipment Maintenance Company You Can Trust

At Cook’s Engine Service & Supply, Inc., oil rig repair services is what we do. We’re on hand to help project managers keep their operations moving forward. When problems arise, you can always count on us. With extensive experience in our industry, we’ve handled jobs both large and small. We’re also always on hand to supply the Odessa TX oilfield equipment maintenance you need.

Our experience in this industry has made us highly adept in ensuring compliance. We know what’s required for each site according to the magnitude of the work being performed, the equipment in use, and countless other factors. When changes are made to industry regulations, we’re on top of them. In fact, we even share helpful updates with our loyal customers to ensure that they stay abreast of these updates.

Safety is our number one goal. Although we strive to help our clients maintain optimum levels of efficiency, we work equally hard to protect human lives, prevent accidents, and ensure that no property loss occurs. Working with us is an easy way to appease your insurance providers, your stakeholders, and your team. Our maintenance services are structured to both meet and exceed all equipment manufacturer recommendations.

For more than 45 years, we’ve been the most trusted source of maintenance services within our niche. As new innovations have been made, we’ve constantly revised our processes, our approach, and our service offerings. Every oilfield mechanic on our team has the latest certifications and the most cutting-edge skills and techniques at their disposal.

Whether you need pump repairs, engine repairs, or ongoing care for the equipment that you own, we’ve got you covered. With competitive prices, outstanding response times, and a friendly and knowledgeable crew who can help you meet your goals, we’re committed to keeping our clients happen and on track to meet their targets. Get in touch with us today to request an estimate or to schedule an onsite consultation.

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