Oil Rig Mechanic In Odessa Reduces Costly Downtime

Downtime due to a non-functioning piece of oil field equipment is costly. Not only is the machinery not operating, but the workers who depend on the equipment must still be paid without any production to offset the loss. Cook’s Engine Service & Supply is the oil rig mechanic in Odessa to call when the equipment is not functioning.

We are reliable and responsible mechanics with 45 years of on-the-job experience. We have a fleet of fully equipped service vehicles ready to go at a moment’s notice. Our expansive inventory of pumps and parts means that replacements and repairs can be done quickly to minimize downtime. We supply maintenance and repair services to all types of equipment, including pumps and engines.

The experienced technicians are fully trained in the latest equipment and techniques, and they undergo additional training to stay abreast of new developments as they occur. The major brands which are available through Cook’s include Ajax, Morse, Arrow and Fairbanks.

We encourage our customers not to wait until a vital piece of operating equipment quits working. Instead, we suggest that you take advantage of our maintenance plans for your equipment. We can suggest a controlled preventative maintenance plan which saves customers from hazardous working conditions as well as the significant operations costs. The highly qualified technicians inspect every part of crucial machinery. We identify parts that may need replacements, as well as adjusting equipment as needed to improve efficiency and safety on the worksite. We can take care of a wide variety of oil field pumping units and other equipment. This includes saltwater disposal pumps and others.

By practicing proper maintenance techniques in the oilfield, your equipment is likely to operate at peak performance and at ideal capacity. Our experience and knowledge makes our family-owned company a trusted partner for a productive oilfield. We operate throughout the entire area surrounding Odessa and beyond.

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