Finding An Oilfield Mechanic In Odessa, TX

For those who are in the oil drilling business, the continued operation of the equipment is a crucial part of generating revenue. Are you looking for an oilfield mechanic in Odessa, TX? Do you need mechanical services to keep your pumps operating at optimum efficiency? Cook’s Engine Service & Supply has the people and products which are the most reliable in Odessa and the surrounding area.

If your engines, drills and other equipment are not working or are failing to perform at their highest level, we can ensure that the rig is repaired quickly and accurately to get it operating. We have more than forty-five years in the engine repair business for oilfields. This expertise allows us to assess the issue, fix it in the right way and replace any worn or damaged parts so that the problems do not recur. Our technicians work efficiently, without sacrificing safety and quality.

We supply the necessary parts to keep your oilfield engines and machinery operating. You can eliminate the middleman and reduce your overhead and equipment costs down by purchasing your replacement parts directly from our location. We are able to transport many of the necessary oilfield engine parts to your site. We can also provide deliveries along with a maintenance or repair visit.

As an oilfield owner or manager, you know how important the reliability and smooth operation of your pumping units are. Downtime in your operations can mean the loss of operating profit, so the restoration of pumps quickly is vital. Our expert technicians have the knowledge and experience to do your troubleshooting, repair and/or replacement efficiently.

We are an industry standard bearer in pump equipment supply as well, offering many of the popular brand names including Arrow, Fairbanks, Morse, Ajax and more. Because we are family owned and run, we take a real interest in training our oilfield pump mechanics to be the best in the business. We constantly upgrade and enhance our education and training methods to remain knowledgeable about the biggest maintenance practice and innovations which affect the oil business.

We handle issues of service and repair on a wide range of pumping units for oil fields. Our expertise includes saltwater disposal pump units and others. Our high capability shop for repairs and our supply depot is located in Odessa, Texas. We work with domestic clients in the United States and globally. If you are in need of onsite oil pump repair in Odessa, Cook’s has solutions.

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