Standard Quality Oilfield Supply Odessa Safety Equipment Tools

When it comes to your employees’ safety measures, you need to invest in very safe safety equipment and one that you can trust. We offer the best safety equipment from top brands that will guarantee the safety of your staff. Our oilfield supply Odessa firm offers safety measures to avoid accidents that may arise. Our selection of oilfield supplies includes impact gloves, fire-resistant clothing, fire extinguishers, H2S monitors, and safety harnesses.

Your workers will always be at risk of hand injuries working with heavy equipment in field areas. This heavy equipment may cause serious injuries, and it is essential to get proper gloves for employees. We have appropriately fitted impact gloves that will protect them from severe injuries from machinery.

An employee will always be protected against fire if they wear fire-resistant clothing when they are on duty on oil sites. These clothes will enable a wearer to escape safely when a fire breaks out. We provide quality fire extinguishers to our oil sites, for our staff to use in case a fire breaks out. It is important to act very quickly in incidences of fire on the job, as they can be extremely dangerous.

H2S monitors are used to alert workers in oil sites where hydrogen sulfide levels are high, to be on alert and keep them safe. We offer this detector to work sites so that employees can detect gases such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, and more. Using a multi-gas sensor will ensure that they can monitor combustible gases and ensure that they are at safe levels.

We provide safety harnesses that meet OSHA and ANSI recommendations so that users can get full protection against dangers that may result from serious falls. This type of equipment is vital to oilfield employees because the accident may occur at any time. We offer hard hats for head safety and respirators to prevent workers from inhaling harmful or toxic gases.

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