What You Can Expect When Hiring A Quality Oil Rig Repair Service

If you’re lucky, you have your own oilfield mechanic right onsite. However, in the event of serious problems, it still helps to have a reputable oil rig repair service you can count on. At Cook’s Engine Service and Supply, Inc., we’ve been fixing oil rigs and mitigating problems for quite a long time. As a top-rated and trusted provider of quality oilfield supplies, we want to share several ways in which we can protect your profits and make your life a bit easier.

Unfortunately, not all rig problems can be fixed in a matter of hours. You might find yourself having to wait days or weeks for the necessary parts. When you work with us, this time doesn’t have to translate as downtime and lost profits. We can help you keep your stakeholders appeased with replacement equipment, additional support for your other oil rigs, or safe, compliant, but temporary, interim solutions.

Safety and compliance are two of our top focuses. We stay abreast of the latest industry regulations so that we can work with our clients as partners. With us on your team, you don’t have to worry about equipment or safety-related penalties or extended site closures.

Our services our flexible and adaptable enough to meet a very diverse range of needs. We’re available for both large and small jobs. We handle urgent repair issues and we provide ongoing maintenance. With our ongoing maintenance, you can optimize the performance of your equipment, extend its lifespan, and stay compliant with all relevant warranties.

Even if you do have your own trained talent in-house, you aren’t guaranteed to have enough manpower or the right equipment for all jobs. We maintain an impressive selection of heavy equipment types. We arrives for all jobs fully prepared and staffed by a team of seasoned mechanics, operators, and technicians. To learn about our complete range of capabilities or to request a quote, contact Cook’s Engine Service and Supply, Inc. Today!

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